Worldshine Tai Chi

Tai Chi is very popular among our physical health and exercise activities at Worldshine. Tai Chi is a variation of an internal Chinese Martial Art that consists of a series of gentle physical movements and stretching. With Tai Chi, each movement smoothly flows into the next, with the body being in constant motion as Tai Chi focuses on peaceful serenity through continuous action providing mediation and mindfulness as well. Tai Chi does consist of many specific movements in its form that take time to master, but they are not very difficult to learn as it can be familiarized within a month with just a few minutes of daily practice.

So what makes Tai Chi so popular, and why is it such a beneficial physical activity for our participants? Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise, and our participants love embracing their traditions. Tai Chi is also very beneficial for physical and mental health, especially in older adults. It can reduce stress and improve mood, increases cognition and brain function, reduces the risk of falling, and promotes better sleep. It also helps with body flexibility and maintains strong functions in the bones and ligaments. We are fully aware of the health needs of our participants, and we are happy to see how offering Tai Chi is helping them each and every day to live a happier and healthier life. 

At Worldshine we offer a variety of Tai Chi classes with well qualified instructors to help with coordination and to ensure that it is a safe and productive environment. These classes give our participants proper instruction with careful guidance, but also provide a great opportunity for social engagement with others who also are interested in practicing Tai Chi. This can give our participants ways to exercise with their friends, and meet new people as well through bonding with Tai Chi. 


We are very proud of the opportunities that our participants at Worldshine can receive through our Tai Chi activity program, and we hope to see more participants come and engage with the beneficial exercise that we have to offer. Anyone is welcome, and if you are interested in Tai Chi and other physical exercise activities you are more than welcome to join us!

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