Social Work Services

Our social workers provide direct and indirect services including:

    • Function – Assisting participants and families in identifying problems, formulating plans to help resolve problems, and encouraging participants to utilize resources available in the community. Cooperation is ensured to the participants to maintain their independence and stability in the community.
    • Counseling – Provided anytime as needed to individuals, groups, and families.
    • Financial Assistance – For participants eligible for government benefits, the social worker will investigate and provide resources to solve any financial problems. This includes welfare benefits, food stamps, SSI, SS, Medicaid, housing, legal, and other matters.
    • Interviews and Home Assessment – The policy of the department is to conduct intake interviews and a home assessment which covers the area of financial, medical, social, psychological, and home characteristics of the participant.
    • Record Keeping – Pertinent information relative to the participant’s social and emotional status, services rendered, adjustments made, etc. is documented in the participant’s medical record. All information is confidential.
    • In-service training – The social worker will participate in staff development meetings which cover participant care plans and quality assurance. The social services department will be a resource to other staff members, and will program education to families of participants, other agencies, and community organizations.
    • Referral to Community Resources – The program will use community resources to expand its range of operation and enhance the care of our participants.