My parents come to this center and we highly recommend the place. The staff are very kind, thoughtful and always try their best to help my parents. The center provides all kinds of interesting, engaging activities and my parents enjoy many of them. Nancy at the social service department has been extremely helpful for my parents for finding the best and most convenient services for them. She also talks to us directly and gives advice on how to help my parents on all matters. The food is also very fresh, tasty and the kitchen does their best to provide the most nutritious food for the people. During the pandemic, the center delivered food and groceries to my parents and other senior citizens, helping them to overcome the inconvenience brought by the quarantine requirement. We can’t say enough good things about the center and are very thankful for the service and the help they provide for my parents. The quality of my parents’ life improved so much since they joined the center. Knowing my parents are in good hands makes it possible for us to focus more on our own work and family.
Katherine S
With the service of Worldshine AMDC,  My grandparents became happier and healthier. There’re many activities and classes for them to choose from. With the encouragement of the staff, my grandma began to learn painting at the age of 80. And she enjoy it very much. I appreciate their professionalism and caring attitude. The RN helped my grandma take the medication every day. The delicious homemade meals make them have a good appetite to eat. The new friends they made at the center expand their connections with the community. In short,  the services provided by Worldshine Adult Medical Day Care Center enrich the lives of the elderly, I highly recommend it to anyone.
Edwin J
My father-in-law really enjoyed the violin lessons and music performances at Worldshine. My mom loved to play pool games with her friends there, and more…Great place, great care, great management team…Thank you!
Eric S
My 89 years old Mom has been going to this center for a few years. I would highly recommend this center to anyone with old parents. The service staffs are wonderful, friendly & caring. I feel safe sending my mom there. All bus drivers are very nice, they come to the door & help my mom to the bus, & do the same when they drive her home. Mr. Lee, the bus driver, is so wonderful. Miss. Hue is one of the reasons for my mom to go to the center because she can speak Vietnamese with my Mom since my Mom can’t speak Chinese or  English. Because of the pandemic, my Mom can’t go to the center every day like before, on the day she is at home, the center even delivers good healthy food to her. Food quality is very good also. This helps me out a lot because I am working full time. The center is a big help to me also. Thank you and keep doing the good work. Daughter
Hat D
There are lots of classes and events that my grandpa enjoys and he’s doing well there! Great staff and great service 🙂
Angela L
The activities and the staffs here are awesome. They really took care of my parents. The food is delicious and healthy with various kinds of fruit and veggies.
Tiffany T