Time for Adult Medical Day Care?

Adult day care is an important care option for family caregivers who give in-home care for elderly relatives, disabled adults, friends, or neighbors.

Adult day care programs monitor and provide companionship to elders and adults for a short period of time during the day, so that their family members or regular caregivers can take a break or deal with other responsibilities.

When your loved one is not able to care for themselves or to perform routine daily activities, they may need adult day care. However, getting help with daily tasks is just one reason many seniors and their families opt for adult day care services.

Seniors and Adults Who Need Medication Management and Meal Services

    • It’s common for seniors to forget to take medications or to take additional doses of a medicine because they don’t remember taking it the first time. Either way, the consequences of improper usages is very serious and life-threatening. When seniors need help monitoring medications, adult day care is helpful.
    • Proper amount of nutrition consumed is critical to a senior’s health. Eating a well-balanced diet can help seniors maintain a healthy weight, stay energized, lower the risk of developing chronic health conditions.

Seniors and Adults Who Have Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Loss and Other Medical Complications

    • Living alone at home all day without supervision is not safe for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. Adult day care centers can help care for them during the day. Some families do not want to move a loved one into a nursing home facility for several reasons, one being cost of care.
    • For recipients who need chronic care management, day care center will offer observation, health monitoring, therapeutic diets, personal care (including bathing), medication administration and assistance with mobility (wheelchairs) are ways a center’s staff gives care.

Seniors and Adults Who Feel Isolated

    • Lynn Hampstead, 78, began adult day care as a way to meet up with friends and peers to have social engagement. “I was lonely at home all day while my daughter’s family was out. They went to work and school, and I just sat there without much to do.” Lynn admits that when her daughter first suggested the idea, she was reluctant. However, she enjoys spending time with peers and getting out of the house.

Seniors and Adults Who Feel Depressed

    • For people like Lynn, feelings of isolation leads to loneliness and eventually depression. Over time, long-term depression leads to other health complications. Routinely scheduled activity even as little as two or three times a week gives participants something to look forward to and help prevent loneliness and depression.

If you’re an adult child of a parent or a family member with needs, you know that giving care 24/7 is exhausting. 

Worldshine AMDC offers services for family members who work full or part-time or have additional obligations like child-rearing, and is especially useful when one takes time for self-care. Worldshine AMDC is the perfect solution!

Benefits for the older adult:

    • We provide a safe, secure environment in which to spend the day or part of the day. We offer enjoyable and educational activities
    • Appropriate physical exercise can help to reduce falls.
    • Meaningful social interaction can improve both mental and physical health and help to prevent or delay cognitive decline.
    • Mental and social stimulation during the day can improve the quality of your sleep at night.
    • Participation in Worldshine’s variety of activities may even enhance or maintain your level of independence, keeping you living at home longer by relieving caregiver fatigue and delaying your escalation of dependence.
    • Having control over activities you partake in can bolster your self-esteem.
    • We offer the chance to build new friendships and enjoy peer support.

Benefits for family member:

    • Seeking support and maintaining your own health are key to managing your role as a caregiver, so it is not selfish to use the services of an adult day care center to give you some time to yourself. If you’re overwhelmed by the daily grind of caregiving, your patience and compassion will wear thin, you’ll find it harder to connect with the person you’re caring for, and you’ll probably both feel unfulfilled.
    • Taking regular breaks from the demands of caregiving can reduce your stress levels and help you to avoid burnout.
    • Being able to recharge your batteries can leave you feeling more energetic, focused, and reinvigorated about your caregiving role.
    • Using an adult day care facility can enable you to continue working, attend school, or devote more time to other family members.
    • Can give you peace of mind that your loved one isn’t home alone but is in a supervised and safe environment.