Worldshine Paper Cutting Art

At Worldshine we take pride in our arts and crafts activities. We are especially excited to show everyone what our participants have been doing for the Chinese paper cutting activity. Chinese paper cutting, or known as jianzhi(剪纸)is a traditional style of papercutting art in China possibly originating all the way back to the 2nd century CE. These beautiful paper cutting patterns can be used for all kinds of decorative purposes such as putting on walls, windows, doors, lamps, and all kinds of home furniture and spaces. Chinese paper cutting is also used on special events such as new year and weddings to symbolize luck and happiness!

Check out our Chinese paper cutting YouTube video here!

We are happy to see our participants learn fast and well to create their own Chinese paper cutting patterns. These activities are great for encouraging creativity, improving concentration, and training hand-motor skills to use paper and scissors. The paper cutting activity gives our participants something beautiful to work towards as well and provides positive symbolism to their daily activities. 

At Worldshine we want to take our arts and crafts activities including Chinese paper cutting to the next level. We offer paper cutting classes along with experienced and helpful instructors to make sure that our participants are learning the best they can, while enjoying their arts and crafts activity as much as possible. We are excited to see what beautiful paper cutting patterns we will see from our participants in the future!

Feel free to join us if you are interested in doing arts and crafts!

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