Worldshine Lollipop Day

Today at Worldshine Adult Medical Day Care Center,we had a sweet and delightful celebration as we joined the nation in celebrating National Lollipop Day with our participants!



The highlight of the day was our exciting lollipop guessing game.We had a jar that was filled with lollipops and the challenge was on to guess the exact number of lollipops inside. There were a total of 67 lollipops, and our participants’ guesses were surprisingly close. We congratulate our winner Alicia for being the closest with guessing 60 lollipops which won her the big lollipop reward! We also had second and third place guesses from Theresa and Benjamin as well with 58 and 55! 


We appreciate our activity lead Anita for moments like these that put a smile on our participants’ faces. We had a lot of fun with our little game celebration for national lollipop day, and we will definitely be doing more activities like this in the future!


If you’re curious to experience the of Worldshine Adult Medical Day Care Center or to learn more about our activities and services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 301-378-2950. We welcome you to join our community and participants in our fun celebrations!