Worldshine 8 Ball Pool and Tournament

At Worldshine, the 8 Ball Pool activity is a very popular favorite among our participants and has recently been developing in a more competitive way as well here at our centers. 8 Ball Pool, as the game is officially called, or just pool, is a billiards game played on a table with 6 pockets, cue sticks, and 16 balls in which 15 of them are numbered. 


Pool is a very popular game here at Worldshine because it is simply a ton of fun, and offers opportunities for some exciting competitiveness compared to our other activities. Our participants also can use the pool activity to train and maintain their mental and physical well-being which are essential to their health and happiness in our centers. 8 Ball Pool can help improve focus, train hand-eye coordination, and develop strategy and cognition abilities. Without even thinking about it, pool can naturally help our participants to get better at seeing patterns and processing information. Aside from training better physical and mental function, 8 Ball Pool serves as an excellent way to relax and relieve stress. 

Worldshine has professional instructors who do a wonderful job at helping our participants build on and refine their pool playing skills. With the pool class being one of the most popular classes here, we are very excited to see many of our participants taking advantage of the wonderful benefits that pool has to offer with our amazing instructors that we are very proud of. With high quality instruction brings motivation and something to look forward to for our participants.


8 Ball Pool has also become more of a competitive scene here at our Worldshine centers. We recently have begun hosting tournaments for our participants, even including awards for the winners with a dedicated awards ceremony. Our participants really enjoy these ceremonies, because who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration? We can see that they are happy to celebrate their victories and achievements with their peers, their instructors, and the general staff! Our awards ceremonies pictured here give our participants a morale boost, and something for everyone to celebrate as an achievement. Once again we congratulate all the winners!

We are looking forward to hosting more tournaments in the future, and we are happy that our participants enjoyed it as much as we did!