Winter Days Warmth: Worldshine Transportation Services


On cold winter days, when snowflakes are falling, going out can become more difficult and dangerous for seniors. At times like these, our care and warmth are especially important. To ensure that the elderly can travel to the center or return home safely and comfortably, we are taking the following procedures. 


In the cold winter, every time before traveling, the staff will check the weather forecast in advance to confirm whether there is snow or other extreme weather. On the day of travel, judgment will be made based on the traffic conditions on that day. In the event of extreme weather, the center will shut down and notify the participant or participant’s family members in advance.


Before the formal pick-up and drop-off work, center staff will inform participants in advance of possible situations such as bad weather and slippery roads, and ask them what kind of help they may need to ensure the safety of the seniors.


We have provided drivers with training on driving safely in winter in advance. And this kind of training is conducted regularly, which can ensure that drivers understand how to deal with emergencies and drive safely in cold weather.


Professional drivers and caregivers make up our service team. They are not only trained drivers with extensive experience, but also caregivers who know how to provide appropriate care in snowy conditions. They prioritize the safety and comfort of every passenger.

Our services go beyond driving and pick-up; they also encompass warm care. Our team treats our clients like family members, offering meticulous services such as assisting with boarding and disembarking, providing warm blankets, and more. This ensures that every passenger feels the warmth of home. Worldshine aspires to foster a warm and secure winter environment for the seniors in the community. Our goal is to let every member savor the warmth and happiness.