Welcome the Lunar New Year with Handmade Bouquet Making

Red plum is a flower with a beautiful meaning, symbolizing vitality and happiness in the new year. With the Asian Spring Festival approaching, the Worldshine Adult Daycare Center is immersed in a festive atmosphere. To welcome one of the most important festivals of the year in Asian culture, we have organized activities for the seniors to create red plum blossom decorations.

The handmade red plum blossom bouquet crafted by the seniors this time is called a twist stick bouquet. The materials required for making it are very simple—just twist sticks of different colors, bamboo skewers, and floral tape. The production steps are simple and easy to follow, making it very suitable for seniors to try.

The first step in making a twist stick bouquet is to create the petals. The seniors start by bending one-third of the twist stick, folding it in half, and finally tying a knot. This process successfully forms a petal. They repeat this to make multiple petals and then move on to creating the stamens. Finally, they assemble the petals and stamens according to the shape of a real flower, resulting in a gorgeous red plum blossom.

Additionally, many seniors opted for petals of different colors, crafting various types of handmade bouquets, each equally beautiful.


Under the guidance of the staff, seniors collaborated and assisted each other in making these bouquets, fostering a harmonious atmosphere.