Piano at Worldshine

At Worldshine we understand the importance of music for our participants, and how we can use something that almost everyone enjoys to benefit their wellbeing. Piano especially can help our seniors achieve better mental and physical health, as well as accomplish individualized goals of learning an instrument. We find piano as one of the most popular and natural approaches for picking up music and musical instruments.

So why is piano specifically so popular, and yet so helpful for seniors? Piano playing includes many benefits such as facilitating memory, improving mood and decreasing anxiety, working auditory skills, and encouraging creativity and self expression. In fact, piano is known to be a therapeutic activity in itself, improving circulation and muscle relaxation while giving an energy boost. Piano playing has been known to improve behavior and cognitive ability with dementia patients, and can provide comforting meaningful experiences between them and their caregivers.


At our Worldshine centers we offer piano classes and many performance opportunities  as well. Our team consists of many qualified instructors and professionals who have tons of experience and knowledge to understand how piano can be beneficial to our participants. No matter the experience or ability, anyone at Worldshine is welcome to join us! Our personalized piano classes can boost memory, cognitive abilities, and creativity from learning an instrument. However, we also offer a lot of additional opportunities along with piano, such as chorus, and musical performances! 

 Music is something that naturally creates comfort and higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore by playing piano regularly, our participants can significantly improve their psychological health. Our team at Worldshine is very proud to offer all sorts of piano opportunities and services to our participants!


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