Worldshine Music Therapy

Music is something that is enjoyed by everyone, but can also have therapeutic effects. At Worldshine we recognize the importance of therapy for our participants with music, and how we can use something that is already very accessible to everyone to its best potential. Music therapy is the use of music to help people achieve better mental health and to achieve individualized goals based on their circumstances. Activities of music therapy can include but are not limited to playing instruments, singing, and composing music. We find music therapy as one of the most effective and natural approaches for helping our participants improve their mental health at Worldshine.

Our goal here at our Worldshine Adult Medical Day Care centers is to make the experience for our participants the best we possibly can. We make sure that we understand the benefits of music in order to design our activities. Music therapy includes many benefits such as facilitating memory, improving mood and decreasing anxiety, working auditory skills, and encouraging creativity and self expression. In fact, music therapy is long known to be a crucial factor in dementia care. Music can especially improve behavior and cognitive ability with dementia patients, and can provide comforting meaningful experiences between them and their caregivers. Music therapists are also most commonly found in adult day care centers and assisted living/nursing homes. 


At our Worldshine centers we offer many classes and therapy sessions. Our team consists of many qualified instructors and professionals who aim to create both inclusive music experiences as well as personalized therapy and assistance. We offer piano and violin classes which can boost memory, cognitive abilities, and creativity from learning an instrument. We also offer social classes like chorus which provide group therapy using voice and harmony. With music therapy and classes we can form new bonding experiences for our participants with families and new people like never before.

 Music is something that naturally creates comfort and higher levels of happiness while expressing creativity and our team at Worldshine is very proud to offer music therapy and services to our participants!


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