Mr. Sun’s Kite Art

At our Worldshine Center, we are proud to have such a talented craftsman, Mr. Sun. He has been making and flying kites with his family since childhood, with a history of more than 70 years. When he was a young child, he would follow his brothers and sisters to fly kites with them in the fields, and that is where his interest in kites first sparked. As his interest grew stronger, he began to make his own kites in his favorite styles. As he improved and created better kites with more experience, he began to make larger, three-dimensional multi-faceted kites. As he now watches the kite that he made by himself flying high in the blue sky, it brings him great levels of happiness and satisfaction. 


Not only have his kites won numerous awards at the Weifang Kite Festival in China, but he has also participated in several kite festivals here in the United States held by the American Kite Association. Since 2000, he has won several major awards and is also teaching kite-making skills to kite lovers in the United States. 


Mr. Sun’s kite art is displayed here at our center!


Mr. Sun is proud to show his new beautiful kite he just made!