Making 4th of July Decorations at Worldshine

Our participants at Worldshine have been feeling artistic by making 4th of July decorations through our arts and crafts program! Let’s check out some of the decorations that were made!


We can see our participants hard at work but also enjoying the results of their crafts! WorldShine Adult Medical Day Care Center recognizes the importance of engaging its participants in creative activities, and in creating 4th of July decorations we aim to promote our participants’ creativity while embracing the spirit of American independence. Our dedicated staff makes sure that our participants are guided through the creative process, ensuring that everyone feels supported. Well done!


We are very proud of our participants of WorldShine Adult Medical Day Care Center’s 4th of July crafts. At WorldShine, we remain committed to providing lasting experiences that promote the well-being of our participants, and we look forward to more arts and crafts that show the wonderful talent from our participants!