Lantern Festival Celebration

The Lantern Festival marks the conclusion of the Lunar New Year celebrations. At Worldshine, we have prepared numerous enjoyable activities for our participants. Whether they excel in music, art, dance, or food preparation, everyone has the opportunity to shine.

We held a traditional Lantern Festival lantern riddle guessing activity in the dance hall. Nearly a hundred riddles were announced in the dance hall after breakfast. The participants watched with great interest and participated in the guessing.

To celebrate the Lantern Festival, Worldshine also prepared a special lunch for participants.

Tangyuan, sweet rice balls stuffed with black sesame or peanuts, are what people typically have to celebrate the Lantern Festival for dinner. Tangyuan symbolizes the concepts of reunion, longevity, and prosperity.

We also prepared steamed buns, specially hand-made by the chefs. The round and plump shape of the steamed buns symbolizes completeness and harmony. Eating steamed buns is understood as a time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy moments of togetherness, harmony, and happiness.

Song and dance performances, as well as musical instrument performances, are the highlights of the Lantern Festival activities. After participating in the courses provided by Worldshine, the participants presented beautiful dances and captivating musical performances.