Jay Club at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School Performs at Worldshine

We recently had the pleasure of hosting some incredibly talented high schoolers from Jay Club at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School. From heartfelt poems to mesmerizing musical performances, these young individuals knew how to entertain us. To top off the fun, we also got to enjoy some arts and crafts together, which brought us all even closer.

Our participants had the opportunity to chat and get to know these gifted teens, who were just as excited to be here with us. We were all impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm, and we’re incredibly grateful for the time and effort they put into making this event a success.

As a community, we believe in staying active and supporting those around us. That’s why we encourage our participants to stay engaged within the Frederick community and to keep connecting with those who inspire us. It’s always great to see young individuals like these high schoolers using their talents to bring joy and entertainment to others.

Thanks again to these amazing students for gracing us with their talent, and to everyone who came out to support them. Let’s continue to stay connected and lift each other up.