Massages at Worldshine

Our encounters with aches, pain, and general stiffness increase as we get older due to the inability to be as physically active as we once were. Massages can help relieve pain and stiffness in our bodies, and provide many health benefits especially to seniors aside from being a relaxation activity. At our Worldshine centers, we understand the importance of massages to the health of our participants, which is why we offer many massage spaces, equipment, and services.



Reducing pain, muscle soreness, and tension are one of the most important benefits of massages for seniors. Seniors may not be able to do daily activities like they used to, and the lack of use for certain muscle groups and joints can cause pain, soreness and tension. Massages can help with problems of blood circulation which can reduce pain and increase function in the muscles and joints. Massages also provide improved daily comfort, relaxation, and sleep schedules. Massages can bring feelings of ease and energy, which improves general mood and mental well-being. Massages can help with sleep as well, allowing seniors to enjoy longer periods of good quality rest, and can prevent them from being disrupted with any body tensions or pain that may arise.



Worldshine centers strive to improve the lives of our senior participants over anything else, which is why we use our resources to provide massage services from our own physical therapy professionals. These professionals can personalize any pain, stiffness, or stress that someone could be going through to utilize massages to its maximum potential. We also have massage rooms and chairs dedicated to physical therapy and relaxation, and makes our participants feel right at home. Massage chairs provide comfort and safety from falling and are easy to get in or out of. Massage chairs also have different functions such as heat to provide more comfort to our participants, which will make them feel safer and happier.

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