Lunar New Year is in the air!

The Worldshine Adult Daycare center is buzzing with excitement as the Lunar New Year approaches this weekend. The vibrant festivities include a delightful combination of art class,dancing and decorating, creating an atmosphere,filled with joy and cultural celebration.


In the center, the participants engage in the art of calligraphy, carefully crafting auspicious characters with elegant strokes. Some participants drew animals and flowers; some participants wrote calligraphy, and they gave full play to their talents.


Meanwhile, the rhythmic beats of drums and lively melodies fill the air as individuals gather for Yangko dancing. The participants held red handkerchiefs with national characteristics in their hands and danced to the sound of drums, and moved in synchronized harmony, expressing joy and well-wishing for the coming year.

The photography class received a positive response from the participants, who all used their mobile phones to create photos of the red plum blossoms, which represent luck.

The staff decorated the center with festive decorations, the handmade lanterns represent good wishes.Red is the theme color of the decoration, which represents good luck in the new year and also sets off the lively atmosphere of the center.

Worldshine Adult Daycare center embraces the Lunar New Year with open hearts. We take great pride in our multicultural center, where we celebrate and honor the rich diversity of various cultures.